Bobbi (squishie_bobbi) wrote in eku,

online class

have any of you taken an online course? there are only 3 classes for it, and 1 is online, the other is for freshmen only, and the other one meets at 8am. and i was just wondering how the online courses were.
the class im talking about is CMS 100.
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im in cis 212 online right now and love it. i know someone who is takin cms 100 online and she likes it for the most part as well. the only bad thing is you have to make sure you can discipline yourself to do the work. it's more flexible, and you don't have to leave to get your work done. :)
ok, thanks! im good at getting my work done. i mean, im spending the money i wanna pass. =]
I've taken maybe...4 or 5 online classes so far and am slowly hatching a plan to take nothing but online classes next semester since I'm one of those seniors who waited to take all electives. Seriously, taking classes online is great and depending on the teacher they may or may not allow to work at the class at your own pace. Course as lorikrausen said you do have to discpline yourself a bit since there really isn't a class structure. But even so I think it's more than worth it to take them online.

Hope something I said helps!
Aww I am taking that class too, but mines in the afternoon. Guess it filled up.

My friend is in the online CMS course and she says it is uber easy. Go for it.

im taking the 11 one on MWF. the online one went into my jewelry and metals class.